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Protega Paper

Protega paper voidfill - as an eco-friendly packaging solution.
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    Packaging Online supplies Protega paper voidfill as an eco-friendly packaging solution.

     Manufactured in the UK, Protega paper cushioning has been proven to prevent damage to your goods while in transit, as the paper doesn't settle but instead retains its buoyancy and strength. When you add a roll of paper to the machine, it produces uniquely structured cushioning that nestles your product, fast.

     The Protega paper machine is a smaller unit that can easily integrate with your packaging station and dispenses the voidfill in any length you require.


    Benefits of using paper voidfill:

    • Create a durable cushioning for your products during transit
    • Versatile and can be shaped to fit into different boxes
    • Reducing shipping costs because it's lightweight
    • 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable


    Be sure to order your Protega paper void fill online today.


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