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For businesses that require voidfill to ship products and cardboard boxes, Packaging Online offers a variety of sustainable and recyclable solutions, that keep your goods secure during transit, while not impacting the environment. 

Packaging Online offers – 
Paper Voidfill – Paper rolls are fed through paper machines to your specific length and crumbled to fit into your package securely. 
Recycled Kraft Roll – Made from recycled pulp from Kraft’s offcuts, this hand paper roll is environmentally friendly and durable enough to be used as voidfill.  
Air Voidfill – Air bags are purchased flat but filled with air to fit into your package. Best used in conjunction with Air Machine. 
Eco Loose Fill – Made from GM Free Starch and 100% compostable, these Eco Flo chips fill the void in your packaging for optimum security. 
Choose a recyclable voidfill packaging option today. Order now from Packaging Online.