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UN Certified Boxes are specifically designed in line with the UN standards for transporting dangerous goods by road, rail, air and sea.

●        More weight allowed when using a 4G container

●        Already approved in line with UN Standards

 ****Don't forget your Crossweave Tape****

From £5.18 excl VAT

UN Certified Liners - Liners are polythene bags manufactured especially for our range of UN certified boxes.

        Essential if shipping dangerous goods

        Strong, polythene bags that are reusable

        Ideal for packaging small items together

        Manufactured in line with UN standards

From £1.04 excl VAT

< 1 > 2 Results

Safely transport hazardous goods in line with UN requirements with UN packaging

Shop UN boxes and UN certified packaging for the safe and secure transport of hazardous goods.

 Our specialised UN packaging for the transport of flammable, toxic and corrosive substances is reliable and thoroughly tested to meet UN criteria. Transport dangerous goods by rail, sea, air and land with this range of specialised packaging solutions.

 Our UN certified boxes are available in a range of different sizes, promising versatility for transporting various hazardous cargo.

 Packaging smaller items together and add all the necessary precautions in transit with UN certified liners, safe for reuse and transport even without a UN certified box.

What is UN approved packaging?

UN approved packaging is a type of box or liner that has been built, tested and certified by the United Nations in order to safely transport dangerous materials – solid or liquid.

UN boxes and UN certified packaging is specially produced and tested for its durability, stability and water absorption. Doing so assures it’s efficacy in safely transporting high-risk goods, including infectious substances, flammable items and liquids, chemicals, toxic substances, pesticides and more. The full list of dangerous goods is available here.

Find the right UN approved packaging for your goods

There are many types of containers, materials and packaging groups that fall within this line of products. Packaging Online specialises in the following:

• UN approved boxes – Boxes approved for meeting UN standards to carry hazardous goods by rail, air, land and sea.
• UN certified liners – Polythene bags that are certified to carry dangerous items even without using UN approved boxes.

The box or liner you use will depend on the amount of goods classified by its 4G or 4GV rating. You can learn more about UN packaging classifications in our in-depth UN box and packaging guide here. 

Find UN boxes and UN packaging online today

Shop the Packaging Online range of UN packaging and benefit from fast, convenient delivery.