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UN Packaging

UN certified packaging is available from stock and is fully certified for the carriage of dangerous goods. We stock a range of boxes suitable for any goods where cardboard boxes can be carried. In addition, we supply a range of UN certified box liners specifically manufactured for use inside our range of UN boxes.

UN Certified Boxes

UN Certified Cardboard Boxes are specially designed to be certified to UN standards for the transport of dangerous goods by Road, Rail, Air and Sea. UN Certified Boxes can be used to carry any goods permitted on the dangerous goods list supplied by the UN to the appropriate max gross weight.

When buying UN Certified Boxes, the amount of goods you are permitted to carry in any individual box is determined by the maximum gross weight certification for that box (its 4G or 4GV rating). The 4GV rating applies to goods contained in an inner container that is not certified, and the 4G rating applies to goods held within one of our certified containers. Please contact our sales team for a complete list. Please note, for all boxes used within the 4GV specification, a certified inner polythene liner must be used. Please see below for the appropriate product code, available from this website.

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UN Certified Liners

UN Certified Box Liners are polythene bags manufactured especially for our range of UN certified boxes.

Polythene box liners are suitable for the carriage of dangerous and hazardous goods with the relevant packing instructions. They are useful for carrying loose or bundled items in place of inner cardboard boxes.