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Packing Tape


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Budget tape - A brilliant budget solution for businesses that require a tape for general use such as sealing corrugated boxes or sending out goods to end consumers. It is perfect for goods that are going to be frozen.
From £0.56 excl VAT
Low Noise tape - This cost-effective polypropylene packaging tape boasts strong adhesive properties. Ideal for busy packing areas where the noise of standard packing tapes can become intrusive. This clear packing tape adheres to most paper and board surfaces, and is temperature resistant to -20 degrees centigrade.  
From £0.59 excl VAT

< 1 > 2 Results

To wrap up your packaging and keep your goods in top condition, choose quality packing tape from our range.

Packaging Online provides a range of general and specialised packing tapes which you can use to seal boxes or tape products neatly together.

Vinyl tape is a high-quality product ideal for heavy-duty packaging, especially because it holds up through all sorts of temperature and humidity changes. Budget tape is a reliable, affordable multi-purpose tape that’s great for less delicate items.

Low noise tape is a strong adhesive option that’s less noisy than regular tape, so it keeps busy packing areas quieter and calmer.

Find the perfect packing tape match for your packaging solution and get fast delivery to your UK address.