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BDC Boxes - BDC boxes, or bulk distribution corrugated cases, are a must for any retail, ecommerce or mail order business. Made from 100% recyclable materials, these high-quality, single-wall cardboard boxes are delivered flat-packed to you, ready to assemble.

  • Available to purchase online with quick delivery
  • Supplied flat-packed for easy storage
  • Ready-to-assemble
  • Available in different dimensions
  • Manufactured from 100% recyclable cardboard
From £0.62 excl VAT

 Big Boxes - Whether you're moving, shipping products or storing large items, our selection of big cardboard boxes is ready for the job. Suitable for heavy loads and available for all your needs, these lower-cost option to pallet containers are perfect for exporting large and fragile items, as they're constructed from heavy Double Wall cardboard.

  • Ideal for shipping large and fragile goods
  • Low-cost alternative to pallet containers
  • Manufactured out of double wall cardboard
  • Can fit onto a standard size pallet for shipping
From £4.90 excl VAT

Book Mailer Wrap - is a simple wraparound box made from durable fluted corrugated cardboard. While ideal for packing books, this product's variable internal dimensions allow it to be wrapped around a multitude of products, making it the perfect solution for companies looking to package different sized goods. 

Packaging Online offers different depth capacities for our two types of book mailers -

  •        Twister mailer packs - ideal for pamphlets, brochures and lighter goods. Made from a tough, corrugated board.
  •         Book mailer wraps - ideal for heavier items like books and audio-visual goods.
  •        Wraparound design secures goods during transit
  •       Suitable for books, lighter papers and audio-visual goods
  •         Supplied flat-packed for easy storage

Capacity Mailers - Manufactured from 100% recycled micro-flute, Using our latest self-seal features for secure closure and tear strip for opening, our capacity mailer products are convenient to use. 

  • 100% recycled and plastic-free
  • Ocean friendly
  • Royal Mail PIP compliant
  • Easy to use
  • Compostable
  • Range of sizes available
From £0.15 excl VAT

Corrugated paper rolls are an efficient and cost-effective solution to avoid product damage or movement when packaging and sending goods.

  • Provides efficient cushioning
  • Can be used as void fill or to wrap products
  • Lightweight to reduce shipping costs
  • 100% recyclable
  • Made from recycled materials
From £14.30 excl VAT

Double Wall - corrugated boxes are manufactured in a heavier board grade, to ensure extra protection for heavy & fragile items.

  • Perfect for shipping and moving with strong durable corrugated double walls
  • 100% recyclable environmentally-friendly corrugated packaging.
  • Can be modified with in inserts, or our very own Eco Friendly Insulated Pads, and Liners 
  • Supplied flat to minimize storage requirements 

 ****Don't forget your tapes 48MM Packaging Tape Or Paper Tape ****

From £0.35 excl VAT

Eco-insulated boxes are the ideal packaging solution for delivering temperature-sensitive goods. 

When placing your order, it's important to note that two liners and one pad are required to make a pack. Our liners are designed to fit these off the shelf cardboard boxes.

  • DON'T FORGET YOUR BOXES ASCW101010 - use Liner ASPTG250 Liner Qty 2 and Pad Qty1
  • DON'T FORGET YOUR BOXES ASCW121212 - use Liner ASPTG300 Liner Qty 2 and Pad Qty 1
  • DON'T FORGET YOUR BOXES ASCW141414 - use Liner ASPTG355 Liner Qty 2 and Pad Qty 1
  • For the pad use product 305 x 305 - ASPTGPAD01 boxed in 72's 


****Don't forget your tapes 48MM Packaging Tape Or Paper Tape ****

From £34.21 excl VAT

Hexcel wrap - is a sustainable paper bubble wrap alternative that cushions and protects items and keeps them in place without tape.

  • Made from reusable, compostable material
  •  100% recyclable
  • Efficient and straightforward to use
  • Protects items
  • Product tears easily, no scissors required
From £56.00 excl VAT

Letter Box Boxes: Royal Mail compliant cardboard postal boxes are made up of a minimum of 75% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

  • Supplied flat and easy to store
  • Fully printable stock range
  • Secure postal solution
  • Minimal tape required
  • Available in small and large sizes 
From £0.12 excl VAT
We are excited to announce our range of long cardboard boxes. These long & thin postal boxes are perfect alternative to postal tubes, they are stored flat and lock together with our secure locking tabs.
  • long boxes for extra protection in transit.
  • 100% recyclable environmentally-friendly corrugated packaging.
  • Equipped with lock-in tabs for secure closure.
  • Suitable for a range of items including tripods, canvases, blinds and engineering products. 

Don't forget your tapes 48MM Packaging Tape Or Paper Tape 

From £0.61 excl VAT

Padded Mailing Envelopes - are an eco-friendly solution to send goods by mail safely. 

  • Extra adhesive strip for self-sealing
  • Smooth, paper lining making them recyclable 
  • Exterior made with 100% recycled paper
  • Easy access tear tape for opening
From £13.24 excl VAT
Pallet Edge Guard - Low cost edge protection. Cardboard edge guards stabilise, protect and reinforces pallet loads throughout the supply chain. Cardboard edge guards can be used to protect loads under stretch film or strapping. They can also be cut down to reinforce corrugated boxes. 
From £9.48 excl VAT

< 1 2 > 18 Results