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Great quality, great prices, great service. Couldn't ask for anything more!

Dani, Surrey

I've been buying from Challenge for years and they've never let me down.

Roger, London

Really great service and an extremely helpful team on the phone. Highly recommended.

Nikki, Kent

Great to hear such passion and excitement about a cardboard box! Keep up the great work.

Olly, Guildford

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Hand Poly Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is suitable for light to medium duty palletising and bundling. Designed for use with most of our semi-automatic machines, or hand use with our strapping equipment & dispensers.

Machine Poly Strapping

Polypropylene machine strapping is compatable with both automatic and semi automatic strapping machines.
Strapping machines are also available from Challenge Packaging Online.
Call us on 01825 748800 for and speak to an Account Manager for more information.

Polyester Strapping

Twice as strong as polypropylene, polyester is generally used as a cheap and safe alternative to steel strapping.

Steel Strapping

Medium tensile strength steel strapping for standard and heavy-duty bundling, unitising, palletising, closure, reinforcement, security and case closure - Conforms to BS EN 13246:2001

Seals & Buckles

A complete range of seals & buckles to suit all of Challenges strapping equipment.

Tools & Equipment

A range of strapping tools and trolleys suitable for all of Challenges polypropylene, polyester & corder polyester strapping. Seals & buckles are also available to fit all of our machines.