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Mail Lite Gold - Budget priced mailing bag ideal for bulk mailings - Combines a poly coated tear resistant outer paper with a super light bubble lining and a secure self-seal strip.
From £7.05 excl VAT
The Mail Lite White is a recyclable, bubble lined mailer bag with a durable white paper exterior to protect your goods in transit. Available in boxes of 50 or 100 in a variety of sizes — select your size and units below.
From £7.05 excl VAT
Mail Lite Plus - Extra strong Mailite PLUS comprises of a top quality strong Mottled White Kraft paper on the outside, with a Bubble lining on the inside and a secure self-seal.
From £14.02 excl VAT

< 1 > 3 Results

Packaging Online offers bubble mailer bags as an effective solution to protect goods being sent by mail. With a bubble wrap lining and paper exterior, goods are secured tightly and safely inside the envelope. 

We offer three types of bubble lined mailing bags, all of which are equipped with a self-seal strip – 

Mail Lite Gold – Tear-resistant with light bubble lining and light paper exterior.
Mail Lite Plus – Strong mottled white exterior with secure bubble lining. 
Mail Lite White – Recyclable, bubble lined bag with strong white paper exterior. 

Get peace of mind knowing that your packages are safe and secure in high-quality, bubble mailer bags. Place your order with Packaging Online today.