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Self Seal Bubble Bags

Self Seal Bubble bags - are made of polyethylene, and are completely transparent. In addition to being protected by the air pockets on the packaging, the bags also  provide two types of protection for your product:

  • Anti-static - excellent for sending electronics like hard drives, the bubble bag prevents the generating of charge during handling, preserving the product's integrity.
  • Non-abrasive - thanks to the air pockets and polyethylene, the bag won't leave scratches on delicate surfaces like chrome.

135 x 100


180 x 130


230 x 180


280 x 230


375 x 280


425 x 305


425 x 380

Number of Boxes


    Avoid having to deal with the costs of product damage during transit. Packaging Online offers bubble bags as an effective protective packaging solution, ideal for transporting breakables, sensitive goods, or electronic equipment.

    Why choose Packaging Online:

    • Find your solution with over 200 standard-sized boxes
    • Enjoy next day delivery
    • Choose cardboard storage boxes with custom dimensions
    • A comprehensive range of board grades and flute type
    • We offer high-quality printing options to align with your brand

    We have hundreds of cardboard box storage solutions so you can easily find what you need. 


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    Don't forget your tapes 48MM Packaging Tape Or Paper Tape 

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      ****Don't forget your tapes 48MM Packaging Tape Or Paper Tape ****
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