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Protega Paper Machines

The Protega machine is smaller than any other paper machine on the market, which makes this machine easy to integrate into any packging operation. This versatile paper cushioning machine produces a uniquely structured paper pad at any desired length and is one of the most effective forms of protective sustainable packaging alternatives being used today.

This iconic and innovative machine creates paper cushions that are designed to thrive in product protection, reduce waste and help contribute to a greener environment. It produces a paper cushion that compresses less than any other alternative of the same size. Meaning that you can minimize the use of resources to protect your products.

Protega Paper

A paper cushion proven to prevent damage to goods whilst in transit.

The narrow width Protega paper makes it easy for operators to handle and load onto the machine. Once the layers of paper are separated by the operator and places over the rollers, the paper is simply pulled through to start position with the aid of a jog switch.

With its unique structured strength, the protega paper cushion is one of the strongest forms of protective packaging in the market, the paper does not 'settle' in transit, nor does it leave vulnerable gaps.