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Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap - High Performance

Our pallet wrap is available in two different forms, cast and blown. We stock clear and black pallet wrap, with black pallet wrap commonly known as security wrap, as the black colouring prevents people from seeing the content inside.

Blown pallet wrap won't stretch once reapplied, so it gives you more holding power. It has a great resistance and stretches further than cast pallet wrap. It has lower gloss reducing reflections, but is not crystal clear. It is also quite loud when unwinding.

Cast pallet wrap stretches easily, even after it has been applied to the pallet. It has a minimal ability to shrink back to it's original size after stretching. It is naturally clingy on both sides and is perfectly clear for easier reading and scanning of content, but has higher gloss. It is quiet when unwinding.


Pallet wrap dispensers allow for the easy and quick application of pallet wrap, saving time and reducing repetition. Tools such as pallet wrap dispensers are ideally suited to regular users reducing risk of RSI. ASPDIPW: Standard pallet wrap dispenser, made from durable plastic. ASPDIPWHD: Heavy duty pallet wrap dispenser, made from stronger materials ASPDIPW38: Two piece plastic hand grips for easy and lightweight dispensing of pallet wrap ASPDIPW38H: Dispenser for mini pallet wrap rolls

Mini Handy Rolls

Mini pallet wrap handy rolls are 100mm width rolls that are great for wrapping and securign smaller items. A very useful tool on the packing bench, mini handy rolls are great for securing small individual boxes or packed items together, or for offering light protection to smaller items that don't require their own box.

Our mini pallet wrap rolls are sold here in boxes of 45m, each roll 150m in length. A dispenser is not included in this pack, but can be bought seperately by clicking here.

Machine Rolls

Top quality cast machine rolls offer excellent clarity and are quiet when used. Our high performance standard film will stretch to about 150% of its stated length.

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