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Packing Tape

Packing tape is a vitally important part of your packaging solution, and here at Challenge Packaging we've got all the bases covered! In this section you'll find a variety of options for general purpose packing tape including budget, low noise packing tape and premium vinyl packing tape.

Low Noise Tape

Low noise polypropylene packaging tape is an excellent compromise between premium quality vinyl and budget polypropylene packaging tape. The tape has an aggressive water based acrylic adhesive which bonds well to most paper and board surfaces. Our tape is temperature resistant to changes down to -20 degrees centigrade (once applied). Low noise packing tape is suitable for busy packing areas where the noise of standard polypropylene packing tapes can become intrusive.

Premium Quality Vinyl Tape

Vinyl tape is the highest quality tape available. It has the best long term adhesive properties and is more resiliant to humidity fluctuations. It should be used in most heavy duty aplications. It can be torn by hand so does not have to be used with a dispenser. Best used at between 18-21°C.

Budget Tape

Our most economical tape. Polypropylene tape is more resistant to low temperatures (ideal for use on items that will be frozen). It is noisy when it unwinds from roll and must be used with a tape dispenser as it unwinds very quickly and is slightly more difficult to tear. Our budget packing tape is a great multi-purpose tape for general usage. It is designed to hold items such as corruagted boxes closed for short to medium lengths of time. Our cheap packing tape is an excellent solution for those companies mailing out boxes to the end consumer where it will happily last the trip through the mail. We have cheap packing tape available in brown or clear, making it more than a suitable option for taping our stock boxes.