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Packaging Papers

Hexel Wrap

This sustainable Paper Bubble Wrap alternative will keep your products in place with its interlocking design without any need for adhesive tape. A protective wrapping product designed to replace bubble wrap with a 100% recyclable and biodregradable material. The hexagonal cells create an interlocking web that traps all your items, so you can eliminate damage with exceptional protection.

Corrugated Rolls

Budget priced lightweight cushioning wrap made entirely from recycled materials.

Corrugated Board

A range of tough corrugated sheet board available off the shelf. Ideal for wrapping and packing many items. Can also be used for interleaving and stabilising pallet loads.

Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper is suitable for wrapping silver and chrome or items with a polished or delicate finish. It is acid free which not only prevents tarnishing but is also environmentally friendly

Recycled Kraft Rolls

Containing recycled pulp, imitation Kraft is a more economical alternative to pure Kraft although it is only suitable for light to medium applications.

Kraft Rolls

Economical and efficient, pure Kraft paper has a high tear resistance. It is manufactured from pure wood pulp making it suitable for medium and heavy duty wrapping.

Kraft Sheets

The same spec as Kraft Rolls but pre cut into handy and convenient sheet sizes

Kraft Union

Two layers of Kraft paper bonded with a separate layer of bitumen. Kraft union is a waterproof and moisture resistant barrier. It is ideally suited to lining export cases.

Waxed Kraft

A strong Kraft paper impregnated with wax for wrapping greasy and oily engineering parts & products.

Rust Inhibitor Paper

Rust Inhibitor Paper is simply Kraft paper that has been treated with VCI chemicals. It can be used to wrap and protect ferrous metal parts that are liable to rust.

Paper Roll Dispensers

Challenge dispensers are robustly made for long life with maintenance free satin aluminium and enamel finish. Versatile and efficient range of dispensers to dispense most wrapping papers.

These roll dispensers can be stacked upon each other, or wall mounted using specific brackets. If this is what you would prefer, please call to enquire.