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Book Mailers


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A book mailer is a simple wraparound box made from durable fluted corrugated cardboard. While ideal for packing books, this product's variable internal dimensions allow it to be wrapped around a multitude of products, making it the perfect solution for companies looking to package different sized goods.

For companies shipping hardbacks, paperbacks, textbooks or even comics, it's essential to ensure products are protected during their journey. The best mailers for books give you peace of mind by keeping goods safe from start to finish, wrapping around products and reducing bumps and scrapes.    

Our book mailer wraps are manufactured with a robust and the Book mailer wraps have a self-seal strip that's quick to apply, keeps the product secure, and acts as a tamper evident seal. We deliver our products flat-packed for easy storage.

Benefits of book mailers:

        Wraparound design secures goods during transit with a self seal strp

        Suitable for books, lighter papers and audio-visual goods

        Supplied flat-packed for easy storage

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From £0.16 excl VAT

Twister mailer packs - ideal for pamphlets, brochures and lighter goods. Made from a tough, corrugated board.

From £0.11 excl VAT

< 1 > 2 Results