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Wardrobe Boxes


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Wardrobe Storage Boxes are a fast and effective way to store or move clothing with ease. These wardrobe cartons are sold individually and are available with or without a hanging rail.
From £2.68 excl VAT

 Wardrobe Box Bars - are designed to work in conjunction our Wardrobe Boxes 


From £1.05 excl VAT

< 1 > 2 Results

Packaging Online offers strong, durable wardrobe boxes and wardrobe bars that are a fast and effective way to pack, store or move clothing with ease. 

When fully constructed, your upright box is fitted with a box bar inside. Simply transfer your clothing on the hanger from your hanging rack onto the bar in the box. 

Wardrobe boxes – Available with or without the wardrobe bar, these boxes stand upright and are available in two sizes (sold separately). 
Wardrobe box bars – These are used in conjunction with the box to secure your clothing in place while also supporting the box itself. 

Order your cardboard wardrobe boxes online today.