What our customers are saying...

Great quality, great prices, great service. Couldn't ask for anything more!

Dani, Surrey

I've been buying from Challenge for years and they've never let me down.

Roger, London

Really great service and an extremely helpful team on the phone. Highly recommended.

Nikki, Kent

Great to hear such passion and excitement about a cardboard box! Keep up the great work.

Olly, Guildford

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About Us

Packaging, but what exactly do we do?

Put simply, we design and manufacture corrugated cardboard boxes, to stock and bespoke sizes, plus we supply packaging materials to be your one-stop solution. We provide solutions to maximise efficiency and cost-savings within your business, regardless of your size and scale. We work with you to develop the packaging that meets your needs, from foods to machinery, from distributors to manufacturers to retailers.

A packaging manufacturer. Why does that matter?

When you've spent so much time and resource on developing a product you're proud of, that you're confident will sell and will bring back profit to your business and satisfaction to your customer, why would you risk all that on packaging that doesn't reflect the same high standards? As manufacturers of our boxes, we have the capability and knowledge to provide the solution to your business needs on your terms, not on the terms of our suppliers. We don't simply pick the most appropriate box from a list, we work with you to identify your requirements and offer the most appropriate solution, be it a standard stock item or a two colour branded box in your choice of FEFCO style, cut to your specific requirements in a pallet configuration that matches the space in your warehouse. We really do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations!

With our internal design department and our multi-million pound factory working 16 hours a day, a big part of the difference we offer day to day is in ownership of the manufacturing process. We're able to be reactive, quick and cost effective. We're more than a packaging supplier. If your business needs it, we're dedicated to becoming your personal integrated packaging solution.

Beyond our manufacturing capabilities, our difference lies in our people. From our machinists on the floor, to our support teams in the offices, each person at Challenge puts the customer first, ensuring that your demands are met without question. With our skill and knowledge built up through the last 25 years of business, we offer proactive solutions and suggestions to questions you might not have even thought to ask yet. We speak plainly, honestly and simply to provide the unique solutions to your unique business.

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