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Paper Packaging Solutions making you PLASTIC FREE

As a business we have a mission to provide completely plastic free packaging solutions that are paper based, From corrugated packaging to paper tapes. Paper and corrugated are some of the most recyclable materials you can use for packaging. Also, materials that have been marked as FSC-certified will be sourced from sustainably managed forests, keeping natural resources protected, and contribute towards the safety of the environment.

Therefore, as providers of corrugated and paper products, an FSC certification seemed an appropriate demonstration of our commitment to responsible source for our customers and business. As we are FSC Chain of Custody Certified, you can buy corrugated boxes and packaging from us with sustainable reassurance.

“Drive towards sustainable packaging”

It is essential to businesses now, especially those in e-commerce who are selling online to make their packaging as green as their products, to reduce, reuse and recycle. By reflecting these values not only do you help the environment, but also increase brand loyalty amongst your eco-conscious consumers.

Cardboard Box TG

What is zero waste packaging

So, what exactly is zero waste packaging? Zero waste packaging refers to a system of packaging where all materials are utilized, recycled, or reused, so that no-waste products are created.

How does Challenge Packaging work towards zero waste packaging? Well, we recycle all of our waste corrugated and paper into new product, as well as maintaining the cleanest levels of hygiene within our manufacturing process, recycling and reusing the water used in our printing processes. These approaches are just some of the ways we contribute towards reducing the amount of waste generated and the need to recycle in the first instance.

Our Top 4 Plastic Free Packaging Products

Sustainable packaging design is designing product packaging with the main purpose of doing as little harm to the environment as possible, and believe it or not, most money can be saved by using less packaging.

Our product development team have been monumental in sourcing us plastic free product solutions. Below we have picked out our top 4 from the last 12 months:

1. Protega Eco-Friendly Protective Paper Cushioning – “NO more void fill waste!”

Remove the need for plastic product protection, such as traditional bubble wrap with this paper cushion that prevents damage to goods whilst in transit. The Protega machine produces a paper cushion that compresses less than any other alternative of the same size, meaning you can minimize the use of resources to protect your products.

Protega Rolls

We have two Protega machines that you can choose from in our product range, the Protega 200 cushion and the Protega 125 cushion. The Protega 200 is best for heavy-duty applications where a wide cushion is required. The Protega 125 is best used for general purpose applications and use in small to medium boxes.

Make sure that you use the right techniques with Protega paper cushioning which will save you time, reduce wastage, and ensure you protect your good correctly. Protega allows you to use less packaging whilst still protecting your products and creating an environmentally friendly open box experience for your customer.

Quite simply put, by using less material no matter how sustainable it is, you are being more environmentally friendly just by using less.

2. Hexcel – Paper Bubble Wrap – “No more non-recycled bubble!”

Your customers will thank you with this sustainable, reusable, compostable and recyclable product; a fully green wrapping product, Hexcel is the next generation of protective wrapping. A 100% recyclable and biodegradable material, this paper wrap is designed to replace plastic bubble wrap.

Giving you source reduction by reducing wrap and void fill packaging, saving you time, money, space, and logistics. Hexcel also eliminates the need for taping, so if you were not using our paper tape beforehand, you can create a fully recyclable product by using one of our cardboard boxes and Hexcel protective packaging.

Hexcel and Box

3. Paper Tape – “Say NO to plastic tape, now that we have a new paper option!”

A self-adhesive tape made of brown paper that is not chlorinated nor bleached, the adhesive is made of special rubber, the tape of paper, making it 100% biodegradable as well as 100% recyclable.

Paper Tape

With its maximum conformability, our paper tape has excellent adhesion on irregular surfaces and is resistant to accidental knocks. It does need a tape dispenser as it can be torn by hand, however, we do stock tape dispensers if that is what your business needs to ensure optimum performance.

4. Environmentally Friendly Insulated Boxes – “NO more polystyrene!”

Protect your food items during transit keeping them healthy and fresh from dispatch to delivery.

Temp Guard 2

A curb side recyclable packaging solution developed for shipping pre-packaged, temperature sensitive goods. The product’s thermal insulation is constructed from heavy-duty kraft paper containing uniform inner padding, providing superior insulating properties. Their superior insulation properties maintain temperatures during the journey.

A fully recyclable product, made from 100% recycled newspapers, so you can place the box and packaging directly in the recycling bin. With disposable packaging, once the product has been opened, you can create an easier more sustainable customer experience from start to finish.

With the public becoming more aware about sustainability issues and waste caused by bad packaging, wasteful brands are being named and shamed. Which is why our objective is one of proactivity, we are making every effort to bring our paper-based products to supersede plastics. Hence making it easier for you, your business and brand to reduce its carbon footprint, by using our range of plastic free packaging.

All our boxes are made from corrugated board, so create a full recyclable experience with paper based protective packaging, corrugated box, and paper tape.

“Creating sustainable packaging innovations”

A Plastic-Free customer experience with our new Self-Adhesive Paper Tape

We have set ourselves a goal to be plastic free, we are pleased to introduce the latest addition to our plastic free range… our new Self-Adhesive Paper Tape!

Tape Large

As we transition to eradicate plastics across our business, we are offering more environmentally friendly alternatives that add value to your business. We will be continuing with the sale and distribution of our plastic tape range for the time being, but, the arrival of our new Self Adhesive Paper Tape means that you can offer complete hassle packaging, with one our cardboard boxes sealed with our Self Adhesive Paper Tape. A 100% recyclable product, plus the excellent quality of our products means you get to send a product that ensures a great customer experience from the point of delivery.

Our Self-Adhesive Paper Tape is a self-adhesive tape made of brown paper that is not chlorinated nor bleached. The adhesive is made of natural rubber, and the tape is made of paper, making it 100% biodegradable as well as 100% recyclable. Due to the quality of the paper and the high tack adhesive, you are able use this Self-Adhesive Paper Tape across a wide range of products and boxes of all shapes and sizes.

Plastic Free

It is sustainably sourced too, as the paper is recycled so no trees have been cut to make the tape. Not only is it eco-friendly, but our paper tape is also FSC certified. FSC is the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution. They allow consumers and businesses to make informed choices about the forest products they buy. Thus, enabling positive change by engaging the power of market dynamics.

Self-Adhesive Paper Tape can be torn by hand; however, we do stock tape dispensers if you want to improve efficiencies within your business and optimum performance. Our Self-Adhesive Paper Tape will even perform at low temperatures.

Tape Dispenser

Our Self-Adhesive Paper Tape is available for print with water-based inks, which means you can benefit from bespoke messaging or print your company logo on to the tape, to optimize brand awareness and consistency on the outside of your packaging as well as inside whilst still remaining environmentally conscious.

Ocean Friendly         100% Recyclable         Water Based Inks        

Hexcel Wrap - The Paper Alternative To Bubble Wrap

Hexcel Box

Fast and easy to pack with, Hexcel Wrap reduces pack time, minimizes breakages and is eco-friendly! Made from paper, the most sustainable, reusable, compostable and recyclable material on the planet.

What is Hexcel Wrap?

Hexcel Wrap is the next generation of protective wrapping and is designed to be a sustainable alternative to bubble wrap with a 100% recyclable and biodegradable material content. Hexcel Wrap eliminates damage with exceptional protection. The hexagonal cells create an interlocking web that surround and protect all your items, because of this interlocking web no tape is required. It allows you to reduce your wrap and void fill packaging to just Hexcel, saving space, logistics, time, and money.

Hexcel Dispenser

One roll width is all you need in Hexcel Wrap. This is because our roll is the optimum width when wrapping with two hands. If the Hexcel Wrap roll were wider, the outside edges would not stretch effectively creating wasted material.

To Summarise The Main Benefits Of Hexcel Wrap:

• The environmental alternative to bubble wrap

• Simple compact dispenser, for easy loading and fast use

• Unique cut system creating cells offering high protection

• Unique cells binding to each other – no tape needed

• Easy wrapping

• 100% degradable and recyclable paper

• Less material needed than bubble wrap and bubble fill

• Easy storage

Hexcel Table

We Have Passed Our BRC Audit

At Challenge Packaging we are delighted to announce that we have passed this year’s BRC audit, retaining our AA grade. This is the maximum grade we can achieve without an unannounced audit.

BRC Logo

The BRC Standard for Packaging Materials has been updated this year to Issue 6 which has seen refinement on several clauses which inevitably makes the standard stricter as the BRC continues to expect a higher standard maintained by companies.

This is an amazing achievement by all the team at Challenge, who continue to apply and commit themselves daily. We are very proud of all who work at Challenge and how they continue to contribute towards the welfare of the business. We are focussed on the quality and safety from the ground up within our organisation.

It is important to note, that during these challenging and exceptionally health-conscious times, the BRC standards are higher and stricter than ever. To achieve top marks, you have to be able to show only the highest commitment and safety policies. To demonstrate, how much we have the safety and wellbeing of internal teams, visitors, and the public at heart. Our new BRC AA grade exemplifies this and our continued commitment to this cause.

Stock Tour

The BRC standard is more than just a system to monitor cleanliness and hygiene in our environment, and these days covers our business in its entirety from enquiry, right through to delivery, as well as all of the supporting functions.

The BRC standard was created and published in 2001 and became the Global Standard for Packaging Materials, designed to protect the consumer by enabling a basis for the certification of companies supplying packaging to food producers. This standard provides a powerful framework for all types of packaging manufacturer to assist in the production of safe packaging materials and to manage the quality of their products whilst meeting the customer’s requirements yet maintaining legal compliance at the same time.

To achieve the certification and compliance with Issue 6, you need to have performed within these six sections:

1. Senior Management Commitment – For packaging quality management to remain effective, management needs to be fully aware of the requirements and must commit to the implementation

2. Hazard and Risk Management System – An effective hazard and risk analysis

3. Product Safety and Quality Management – Requirements for the technical management of product quality and hygiene practises

4. Site Standards – Expectation for the production’s environment including the assessment of building layout, maintenance, cleaning, and waste

5. Product and Process Control – Product inspection and testing

6. Personnel – Standards for staff training, protective clothing, and hygiene

By having this standard, you can be assured that your business and consumers are buying into product safety and quality management. This standard is recognized globally, so you can trust in a quality management programme and supply chain management.

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Capacity Mailers

“The perfect plastic free alternative to bubble lined mailers or bags”

Capacity Mailer

Our eco-friendly capacity mailers are manufactured from 100% recyclable micro-flute, giving a high level of protection and premium user experience. These are the most environmentally friendly envelopes within the packaging market, check out range extensive range, ready for immediate dispatch.

“100% Recyclable and PLASTIC FREE!”

Made from 100% recycled material which is also FSC, they can be recycled or even composted at home after use. Our mailers are 100% plastic free, so buying from us, you will be demonstrating that you comply with the highest environmental and social standards in the market.

“Ocean Friendly!”

We are proud to say our capacity mailers are PLASTIC FREE Ocean Friendly and can even be composted at home once used, all our mailers are printed with our water-based ink too! By sending your products in plastic-free packaging you are contributing to the removal of single use plastics that are have a significant effect on our ecosystems. You can reduce your postage costs with these mailers, our new range of sizes with expanding capacity allow you to package up items without the use of void-fill packaging. Each of the sizes within our new Capacity Mailer range are compliant with the Royal Mail PIP (Pricing In Proportion) guidelines, so you can have a clear idea of postage costs.

Capacity Mailer

“Royal Mail PIP Compliant!”

The innovative design of our capacity mailers allows easy use of envelope form, or you can utilize the capacity element of the design, giving you the prefect mailer. Our latest self-seal for secure closure feature with tear strip makes these mailers easy to assemble and frustration free.

“Easy to use!”

Send a wide variety of products such as books, documents, pictures, DVDs, brochures, and other products, and protect your items from being folded, bent, or creased during the transit.

Book Mailer Packaging

Benefit from long term protection at affordable rates with our modest range of book mailer wraps. We offer eight different sizes of book mailer wraps, with bulk order options starting from as little as 14p per book mailer wrap.

Book Mailler Wraps

Book Mailer Wraps

Book mailer wraps are the ideal packaging product for:

• Books of all different sizes and weights

• DVDs

• Blu-rays

• CDs

• Steel books

If you are selling books, DVDs, and other multimedia products online, then you will be searching for the best packaging for posting and distributing your product sales, and we will not be beaten when it comes to purchasing price and product quality.

Challenge Packaging are well-regarded as providing the best value packaging solutions to UK markets. Ultimately, we want our customers to be as happy as your customers.

For those of you in search of a bargain, you will be pleased to know our book mailer wraps are cheaper than Amazon! Our smallest book mailer wrap is our ASCMP00C1 225mm x 155mm x 55mm, and costs just £11.50 for a pack of 50.

View Our Book Mailers

Amazon offers a small book mailer wrap that is 216mm x 154mm x 55mm for £50.99 for a pack of 100. With our affordable pricing, you could get 250 mailers with us for the cost of £50, giving you a premium, sustainable product at a much better price!

Save On Costs When You Buy From Us

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“Great quality cardboard, at a great price”

Our book mailer wraps are used by hundreds of booksellers, publishers, and internet sellers. Because they wrap around their contents, book mailer wraps have varying internal dimensions making them great for circumstances where the combination of shipped goods may change, or if you're looking for a cardboard box that consolidates your packaging use, all while using a premium material at a great purchase price.

““Buy more, Save more”

Buying with us does not just mean saving on money, but saving on time, and even contributing towards saving the planet! Our book mailer wraps have been designed and then manufactured with simplicity in mind. They are easy to put together, delivered flat with an integral self-seal strip that allows for a secure closure, yet all the protection you need whilst your product is in transit.

100 Recyclable

Our book mailer wraps are manufactured from corrugated cardboard, all of which are recycled material, and are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Therefore, you can help to save time for the customer with a fully discardable product once it has been opened.

Our book mailer wraps are also FSC accredited, which shows our dedication to a greener, more sustainable environment. Buying from us means you contribute to that same sustainable and environmentally friendly process.

A little bit more about the ‘Book Mailer Range’…

In addition to our book mailer wraps, we also have ‘Twister Mailer Packs’ within our Book Mailer range. These are slightly cheaper than our book mailer wraps, with some cost per unit prices starting at just 8p each! These are manufactured from a tough mottled white corrugated board and are delivered flat.


Twister Mailer Packs

We offer a slightly more variable depth capacity with these mailers and they are a little more flexible with their simple twist and fold functionality. These do not feature a self-seal strip, so you can choose to finish off the closure of this product with tape, glue, or strapping.

Our Book Mailer range boasts all the benefits of a box, they are just easier to assemble, and cheaper to post.

Both our Twister Mailer Packs and Book Mailer Wraps are the perfect solution for eCommerce businesses that operates within the publishing, printing, and media sectors.

By using a cardboard postal mailer from our range, you can create an efficient packaging environment.

"Buy It, Try It, Love It"

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